General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of ARAMIX International GmbH, in the version valid as of 01.08.2020
o Contracts for work in the best and most famous German hospitals. Our services are free to you, without money.
o Language costs are refundable when you come to Germany
o Employment contracts directly from the employers.

Section 1 Scope of Application

(1) Only the following Terms of Participation apply to the contractual relationship between the ARAMIX International GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Aramix) and the Participant (hereinafter referred to as PA), in the version valid at the time the contract was concluded.

(2) The ARAMIX shall not recognize any deviating conditions of the PA, unless the Aramix has expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

Section 2 Conditions for participation

(1) The PA shall ensure that he fulfills all relevant conditions for participation by the start of the respective course, at the latest.
In general, the PA must verify to the Aramix that he has completed a program of study in medicine, nurses or engineers before beginning the first course, by submitting appropriate documents.

(2) If the PA’s first course is a language course above the A2 level, the PA must submit a recognized certificate (not a confirmation of participation) to the Aramix from the previous language level by 3 calendar weeks before the start of the course at the latest. Documents from Telc, Goethe and ÖSD that are not more than 6 months old will be recognized.

(3) If the PA verifies that he possesses language skills at the level of the booked course, he can cancel the individual booked language course. The PA shall pay a 150 EUR cancellation fee per canceled language course. These costs shall be paid before participating in the following course.

(4) Aramix language courses (A1 – B2) end with a final exam on the respective language level. The PA must pass the Aramix final exam or submit an appropriate certificate (not a confirmation of participation) for the previous level before taking part in the following language course. Documents from Telc, Goethe and ÖSD are recognized.
(5) If the PA does not fulfill personal conditions for participation, for instance by failing language tests, the PA shall not be released from his contractually agreed payment obligations.

Section 3 Application

(1) The PA shall register with his personal data in Aramix online area ( The PA must submit his personal data, information on his level of knowledge, a CV, a copy of his passport, his diploma, certificate of employment and a copy of his visa (if available) for further processing and service from Aramix.

Applications from abroad (PA does not have a visa for a long stay in Germany according to Sec. 16 b or Sec. 17 a)

(2) After receiving the PayPal / Stripe payment, the PA shall receive a confirmation of participation from Aramix for the qualification requested by the PA via e-mail.
With this confirmation, the contract for the qualification comes into force.

(3) Once the PA has received a German visa, he is obligated to mail the visa to Aramix promptly.

Section 4 Performance on the part of the training organisation Aramix

The extent of the contractual services will result from the service description of the training provider, as well as from the details set forth in the confirmation of reservation. Additional agreements, which alter the extent of the contractual services, will require formal confirmation in writing.
The language training takes place in the form of online lessons. The lessons are conducted in a virtual classroom. The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions apply to online for ms of instruction.
The language training course will be taught by a language coach. Based on prior coordination, the lessons can take place in an virtual classroom. The regulations of these General Terms and Conditions apply to virtual forms of teaching.
The language training provided will correspond to the number of sessions agreed upon in the booking confirmation. A training unit lasts for 45 minutes, and a training day comprises of 3 training units (unless agreed otherwise). The training is in principle delivered by an appropriate trainer; the training organisation nevertheless reserves the right to deploy other suitable trainers for specific reasons (e.g. illness or other hindrance). Such a change in trainer is not deemed to be a rescission or breach of contract or to permit a reduction in tuition fees.
In the event of the unavailability of scheduled trainer(s) at short notice, the training provider will deploy a replacement trainer(s) at the earliest possible opportunity. Should the agreed intensive training sessions be cancelled or postponed within two weeks prior to the commencement of the training, a cancellation fee of 50% of the tuition fee will be due. The full tuition will be due should an intensive training be cancelled within a week of the training’s commencement. A Cancellation of extensive training is not permitted 14 days after the start of the training. Individual sessions may be postponed or cancelled at no cost provided the training provider is informed of this at the latest 48 hours prior to tuition commencing, and the student catches up with in three months of the agreed end of the tuition. Individual sessions on Mondays can be postponed by 12 midday on the previous Thursday afternoon. In the case of a group training, a refund of course fees for the time absent is hereby expressly excluded. A refund of course fees for the time absent or early registration is hereby expressly excluded.
In the event of cancellation of an examination registration up to two weeks ahead of the examination date, an administration fee of €100.00 will be charged. The full fee will be charged in the event of cancellation of an examination less than two weeks prior to the examination date

Section 5 Location, duration and dates of qualification courses

The location, start and end of each qualification course shall be published on Aramix website. The PA shall be informed individually of the specific details of his booked courses. Courses shall not be held on statutory holidays, and will not be made up.

Section 6 Costs and payment options

(1) The contractually agreed costs and conditions apply to the respective qualifications.

(2) The respective costs shall be due and must be paid before the start of the qualification or before the start of the individual courses (payment received by Aramix

(3) All proposals and prices are non-binding. They can be adapted to the current circumstances and the changed expenditure incurred without separate communication. Payment terms, cash discounts or other deductions will not be granted, unless agreed upon in writing.
(4) If the PA does not fulfill his payment obligations, Aramix can exclude him from taking part in the course on specific days or fully exclude him, after giving a warning. This shall not release him from his contractual payment obligations.

Section 7 Withdrawal and participant rebooking

(1) After concluding the qualification contract, the PA can no longer withdraw from the individual courses or the entire qualification, including on specific days or partially.

(2) The PA shall have no further rights of withdrawal or revocation on any legal basis.

Section 8 Cancellation and program changes for qualification courses

(1) Aramix is entitled to cancel courses for good cause, for instance too few participants, loss of teachers or force majeure. If there are too few participants, the cancellation shall be issued not later than 1 week before the start of the course. The ARAMIX reserves the right to change the content of a course, insofar as this does not significantly change the overall character of the course. Changing scheduled teachers, insignificant changes to the course sequence such as slightly delaying the start of the course or changing the scheduling of individual teaching units, or reasonable changes to the course location, shall not entitle the PA to reduce his payments or withdraw from the contract.

(2) If Aramix is forced to cancel a course, the PA shall be able to rebook the canceled course and subsequent booked courses to a later date, at a 10% discount. If the PA does not want to use the offer for a discounted rebooking, Aramix shall cancel his registrations for the canceled course and subsequent courses. The PA shall be reimbursed for any costs paid for such courses, or associated invoices shall be canceled.

(3) Further claims are excluded, unless the legal representatives, employees, or other agents of Aramix engaged in intentional or grossly negligent behavior. Sec. 15 also applies.

Section 9 Copyright

Work documents provided to the PA by Aramix are protected by copyright, and may not be copied, used commercially, or transmitted to third parties in whole or in part without the written consent of the ARAMIX and the author.
Aramix shall accept no liability for the content of presentations in the course or accompanying work documents, unless Aramix or one of its agents engaged in intentional or grossly negligent and culpable behavior. Sec. 15 also applies.

Section 10 Data privacy

(1) Personal data transmitted to Aramix shall be machine processed in order to complete the booking and carry out the qualification or courses, and to inform the PA regarding other events and services of Aramix. In addition, personal data of the PA shall be made accessible available to teachers and other PAs, for instance through sign-in sheets in the course rooms. The PA’s personal data shall also be transmitted to the company that handles mailings.

(2) Full information on the topic of data protection and on how PA personal data are processed is available under “Data privacy” on the Aramix website.

Section 11 Termination

(1) The qualification agreement may not be terminated through ordinary means. Section 627 BGB shall not apply.

(2) The right to extraordinary termination for just cause without notice according to Sec. 626 BGB (German Civil Code) shall remain unaffected.

(3) The termination shall require the text form according to Sec. 126 b BGB, and must be declared to Aramix.

Section 12 Obligations of the participant

(1) To receive a final certificate, the PA must take part in at least 80% of course units.

(4) The PA hereby undertakes not to take any photos or audio or video recordings during the qualification or courses.

(5) The PA shall provide Aramix with a copy of his “notice of deficit” (Defizitbescheid), the B2 / C1 technical language certificate and the German license to practice medicine at the latest 2 weeks after receiving these.

(6) The PA shall provide information on his testing dates received for technical language testing and skills testing, as well as his test results, and shall inform Aramix if he begins work subject to social security contributions in Germany in up to four status queries from the ARAMIX.

(7) Aramix is entitled to exclude the PA from participating in the course for the day if he violates his obligations, following a warning. If the PA repeatedly violates his obligations or commits severe violations, following a warning Aramix can fully exclude the PA from participating in the course. The PA’s contractual payment obligations shall remain unaffected.

Section 13 Declaration of consent to take photos according to Sec. 22 KUG

(1) The PA hereby expressly declares that he consents to the distribution and publication of photos and movie recordings made by Aramix during or in conjunction with his participation in the qualification, according to Sections 22 KUG (Copyright for Works of Art). This consent shall also include the exclusive, transferable and irrevocable right, unrestricted in terms of time, space or content, to edit photos and film recordings made by the PA for the above reason and to use them both in print and digital format, and to allow third parties to use them. The PA shall pay not fee for granting of these rights.

(2) In addition, the PA agrees that his name may be used in conjunction with the photos and film recordings.

(3) In addition, he waives all claims or damages, insofar as there was no intentional or grossly negligent behavior on the part of Aramix.
Sec. 15 also applies.

Section 14 Reviews, certificates and certificates of participation

(1) Aramix shall have a right of retention to tests passed and certificates of participation until all costs due are paid according to Sec. 273 BGB.

(2) Acceptance of tests shall be regulated by the examination regulations.

Section 15 Liability and offsetting

(1) Claims for damages can only be asserted by the PA against Aramix if they are based on intentional or grossly negligent behavior by Aramix, its legal representatives or their aids. This does not affect the PA’s claim to compensation for damages due to a violation of cardinal contractual obligations, or an injury to life, body or health resulting from a negligent breach of duty by Aramix, its legal representatives and its agents.

(2) The PA can only offset claims against Aramix cost claims if they are undisputed and have been established in a court of law.

Section 16 Non-competition clause

All terms in relation to course times, content, duration, tuition and expenses are to be agreed solely with Aramix, the training provider and with the individual trainers. The customer hereby agrees not to independently engage trainers and teachers who have become known to him or her through the language provider, and to arrange training solely through the training provider for the duration of the cooperation. The customer must inform the training provider should the trainer independently offer the customer courses. The use of documents, materials or parts thereof used by the training provider in courses not arranged or held by the training provider is strictly prohibited.

Section 17 Disruptions and force majeure, liability and complaints

We accept no liability for damage caused by disruption, in particular as a result of force majeure, e.g. natural events, strikes, traffic disruptions, delays resulting from traffic, other disruptions and the absence of teaching staff. We moreover accept no liability for damage relating to viruses, trojans, auto-diallers, spam mail or comparable data-related damage. Complaints regarding the training services rendered by the instructor must be reported during the course of the language training. We must receive written notice as early as possible during the course, with a precise description of the deficiency. No complaints regarding deficiencies will be accepted if submitted after the conclusion of a language course. Regarding complaints that are submitted, we reserve the right to change instructors. The client remains obligated to accept the service performed and to render payment in consideration thereof.

Section 18 Final clauses

Registration implies express acceptance of these general terms and conditions as part of the
contract; divergent, additional or contradictory provisions in the customer’s general terms and conditions are expressly excluded. The ineffectiveness of individual contract conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire agreement or all of its conditions; the parties to the contract commit to replacing an invalid condition with a valid one, which corresponds most closely to the invalid condition according to economic content. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Offenbach am Main in Germany.